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Eleven inch Schmidt Cassegrain on Equatoriial Mount


  • Dave Wagner on 2012-Jun-16 01:03:44 Dave Wagner said

    This is my workhorse telescope, for photography and deep viewing. The OTA is an 11" EdgeHD by Celestron, the mount is a Losmandy G11 with a Gemini I electronic drive. I have been doing photography (guided and guided), no PEC correction, piggy back and prime, with a focal reducer, using a Nikon D300 (not adapted in any way).

    I am in the habit for longer term viewing to do several polar axis corrections to the mount to get it very well aligned mechanically to the skies for long exposure unguided as well as guided imaging. I use an Orion Star Shoot Autoguider on a Orion short tube 80mm refractor, driven by 'PHD' software.

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