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I think the rule changes splecaliy to those runners who have run New York like 6 or 8 times and will not be able to reach 15 by 2015 is a slap in the face and pure impudence. I know for example in Berlin you need to have 10 Marathons in order to receive a lifetime entry. In New York it was already 15 and now those streaking runners (myself included) will not be rewarded for their faithfulness to the NYC Marathon. Also I can clearly understand the frustration of those runners who may not be admitted several times through lottery and still have no chance to run the race. Sure, New York is special, but to change rules like that without even feeling the pulse of runners is clearly way over the top. Also for me it is difficult to understand why I pay for example far more than 200 dollars to enter the race while Berlin (also a WMM) I am able to enter for 60 Euros which is less than 100 dollars. To the Organisers: This is not how you should treat YOUR average runners. It seems to me that you simply care about the professionals and pay way too much for them and invest too little into the average runner. I think this year will be my last New York Marathon and then I will choose other races where the average runner is more appreciated!


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