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What gift can you give someone that will last forever and will always be appreciated?

This agency has been formed to undertake the mammoth task of naming and categorizing the large body of Real and Natural Numbers extant in the physical world. As an additive to our work, we are offering to the public, for a limited time only, the opportunity to name select Natural and Rational Numbers after loved ones and respected teachers, for a nominal fee. These names will be included in the volume of our completed work, and in all publications derived thereof.

The numbers we have chosen for you will be important!! They will be used by mathematicians, logicians, statisticians, and physical scientists around the world!! They could be the foundation of a new science!! They could be the answer to an amazing problem!! You never know!! So make sure that when they find that number, they find it is your number!!

In fact, we virtually guarantee it!

(Well, if the International Star Registry can do it...)